Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dreaming Nature: Diverse expressions

The present series showcases the thoughts and the expressions of two women artists- Celine Overney from Switzerland and Pramila Pariyar BK from Nepal who have joined hands together to create a common art platform to show their divergent views of life from a woman’s point of view. And strangely enough both tend to compare life with nature and have thus entitled the entire series as “Dreaming Nature”. And it asserts a truth that irrespective of the diverse geographical spaces and the cultural background one comes from, human mind and the feelings do remain universal. As the theme of the show suggests -while we look at the entire series as a composite unit one would find that there is a strange commonality in the central theme of both the artists. To both of them the central theme revolves around the relationship between life and nature in one way or another: and it seeks to convey that the state of man’s mind and well being are heavily influenced by nature. So it is only the choice of style and the images to represent and reflect the feelings of the individual artists that made the show an interesting panorama.

Individually speaking, Celine after her arrival to Kathmandu –she is so overwhelmed and inspired by the medieval architecture here specially the pagodas; she began to see and depict human body as a temple. Her other connectivity with nature is her choice of roots as yet one more metaphor of nature. On the other hand, Pramila considers today human life is so deeply related with the modern technology and nature that one can hardly afford to ignore either of them. That is precisely the reason Pramila’ fascination with forms of fish, leaves and bells alternately play with the objects of modern science like CDs and with them she compares life as either recorded or blank! So putting together these strange and amazing thoughts and forms in a common platform it presents an unusual visual sight.

Notwithstanding all these unique things here, the most important and interesting of this show is the energetic and collective spirit of the artist duo. The fact that for Pramila who is a recent graduate and this show is probably her debut. And for Celine, this is her recent incarnation from a medical background. But both of them have remained quite successful in displaying a great sense of imagination and a reasonably good understanding of academic strength to express individual thoughts. Congratulations and with all the best wishes.

Madan Chitrakar

April 7, 2010



By paru celine

Date: Star 10th April 2010 at 3:30 p.m Till 20th April.

Venue: Mithila Yain Art GalleryGA, 147/65 Chaksibari Marg.Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.